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Author - Blaine Transue
Posted - 07/28/2023 01:15pm
Imagine a world where your EV is always charged and distance is not an obstacle
I like EVs, really I do.

I genuinely like them. I like the way they look, I like their clean lines, grill-less fronts and stealth silence, I like their instant torque and tremendous power and speed, I like the way that just by visually eliminating the exhaust pipe they elevate you from the smog belching past and into the bright and shiny future, a future of clean energy, sustainability, responsibility. I like them, I do, but I don’t own one…yet.

EV’s are perfect for people who live mostly local

The local theater, market, dinner, even the occasional trip to a nearby town, not an issue, my neighbors have one and drive it every day, every time they return, it goes back in the garage and on the charger or they wait and charge it over night. They also have solar panels and Tesla storage cells, so "juice" is never an issue for them. Twice per year they even make the 8 - 10 hour trip from LA to SF, but they do it in 2 days, with the car charging overnight at a pre-reserved hotel near the halfway point.

If you drive long distance however

Spontaneously, randomly, or to areas unknown or outside of urban centers, driving an EV on a long trip today is akin to a pilot filing a flight plan as many of the factors that effect "range" in an EV are the same as those in an airplane. You need to map out several scenarios for refueling along your route and anticipate challenges, road construction, closures and weather delays or over crowded and broken chargers upon arrival for example. You also need to factor in conditions both internal and external, how much weight is in the car, where is it positioned? What’s it like out, is it hot, cold? Will I need to use the AC and if so when, for how long? Are there hills, how many, how steep? Is there a head wind or a tail wind? Is it going to be sunny or will there be rain or snow? Will I need the wipers, will I need the lights? How much of the trip is at night? What if I get to the first stop and it's closed, can I make it to the next stop and what do I do if that one is closed? Is there a hotel nearby? Do we need to bring food, what if there’s no food? What about the kids, the dog? 

Let’s face it, unless you’re a pilot

No one wants to drive this way, and this kind of anxiety won't end until there is a charging infrastructure in place that eliminates it. Right now, to satisfy demand, we’re busy adding power stations as fast as we can and while perhaps necessary in the moment, it seems like a short term solution to a long term problem. Grid power management and stabilization is already proving to be a challenge for over-strained utility companies and large, power-hungry, centralized stations with row upon row of high power "pumps" may strain parts of the grid never designed to handle it.

Predicting the course of our electric future and building appropriate infrastructure to suit it is an expensive and risky proposition at best but it seems reasonable to look towards systems that will shift the paradigm from power at the pump to power from the road, for example, embedding wireless charging into the infrastructure so EVs charge at every possible opportunity, effectively pulling less continuous power out of the grid and balancing it over distance and time while simultaneously allowing for power to be pushed back to the grid via bi-directional charging.

Embedding wireless charging into roadways, airport, hotel & shopping mall parking lots, garages, bus stops, taxi stands and even drive throughs may help evenly distribute and manage power on the grid while providing opportunities to charge EVs everywhere and once that happens “range anxiety” will be a thing of the past. 

Imagine a world where your EV is always charged and distance is not an obstacle. Now that's a paradigm shift.

A number of companies are leading the way to wireless charging: #Witricity and #InductEV are currently well positioned to bring wireless charging to drive throughs, parking lots, malls, movie theaters, garages, bus, taxi, ride share lots and any other place an EV stops for more than a few seconds. 

#BMW #Mercedes #Nissan #Genesis #Tesla and #VW are all actively pursuing wireless programs as are a host of other auto manufacturers who have partnerships or agreements with these companies.

In June, #Electreon, on a test track in Utah, drove a #Hybrid #Rav4 with a 44 mile range in all electric mode for 1200 miles without ever losing a charge. Smaller footprint, smaller battery, less Lithium, less cost, less waste. That's the future, infinite range from any EV and opportunity charging everywhere for everyone.

#JordahlUSA is a manufacturer and supplier of construction #infrastructure products including in-ground, on-ground and raised floor Wireless Charging Protection Systems #WCPS

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