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Author - Blaine Transue
Posted - 09/01/2023 01:32pm
More AI Tools

CHATgpt (Large Language Model)

Google BARD (Large Language Model)

Midjourney AI (Art Generator)

HeyGen (Avatar/Image Video Generator)

10 More useful AI Tools 

  1. Simple Bio: Create a personalized personal website from your LinkedIn profile.
  2. 10Web: Build or recreate any website in minutes with the power of AI
  3. Hercule is an AI-powered tool for decision-making and financial analysis.
  4. WriteSonic: Write SEO-optimized content for blogs, ads, emails, and websites
  5. Photo AI: You may use it to create a lifelike AI persona
  6. PitchPower: AI-powered proposal generation for consultants.
  7. Alpaca is a Photoshop plugin that enables generative AI for picture manipulation, including text-to-image, sketch-to-image, outpainting, upscaling, and depth mapping.
  8. MindPal: Dump all your files and chat with them, a real second brain.
  9. Interior AI: Design your own interior
  10. Doctor GPT:A LLM that can pass the US medical licensing exam